Author: bhoura

  • What is a pure Titan?

    Pure Titans (無垢の巨人 Muku no Kyojin?) These Titans, with heights ranging from 2 to 15 meters, made up the overwhelming bulk of the Titans that were sighted. They were all humanoid in appearance, albeit with different degrees of grotesqueness. Their lack of intelligence was the only quality they shared in common. They attacked humans in […]

  • Which part of us does not snow?

    Guam. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, despite the fact that this location is not a state, it is one of the very few locations in the entire United States that has never experienced snow. This region of the United States, which is located in the western Pacific Ocean, experiences hot and humid weather throughout the […]

  • How did Alice become a vampire?

    In order to protect Alice from James, a tracker vampire who was on the hunt for her, an elderly vampire who worked at the asylum underwent the transformation into a vampire. Alice was able to locate her cemetery after doing some research, and she learned that the date that was engraved on her tombstone was […]

  • Is Cinnamon a good rooting hormone?

    Use of cinnamon as a rooting agent In terms of its effectiveness as a rooting agent, cinnamon is on par with willow water and hormone rooting powder. A single application to the stem of the cutting at the time it is being planted will encourage root growth in practically every species of plant. How exactly […]

  • How big is Fenrir the wolf?

    It is said that Loki and the enormous Angerboda are the parents of the Asgardian beast known as the Fenris Wolf, which resides in the Asgardian dimension. It has the intelligence of a human, the power of a god, and the ability to alter its shape to that of a deity or to change its […]