Why is everyone in Dawnguard attacking me?

Because Riften is a part of the Dawnguards’ territory, it is quite likely that this bug occurred there; thus, quickly head to Riften and engage a guard there. If you have a follower or Serana with you, you should be sure to have them wait for you outside of town at a location of your choosing.

If I transform into a vampire, will the Dawnguard try to kill me?

You won’t come under attack from them, no way. After completing the primary mission for the Dawnguard, I joined their cause and rose through the ranks to become a vampire king. At the fort, every NPC advises me to get treated, but none of them will assault me. If you need to buy crossbow bolts, receive additional radiant quests, or use any of the other services that the npc’s provide, then you should get treated.

Why does it seem like everyone in Skyrim is out to get me?

It is stated that this is because there is a thief in town at the time that you arrive. If you surrender to a guard, this issue should be resolved. Put away your weapon and make an effort to communicate with the other party in order to surrender. If they are unable to converse normally, holding block should be able to help.

Which one, being a vampire or a Dawnguard, has the upper hand?

Vampire Hunter

The overall quality of the tangible rewards (weapons, armor, etc.) is higher if you go with Dawnguard. If you try to employ the powerful Vampire Lord form before you have finished the main questline, the members of Dawnguard will not accept you as a member of their group.

How can I put my differences with Dawnguard behind me?

Improve your ability to communicate with others so that you may strike up friendly relationships with anyone. Alternately, you might cast the spell “seduce” to make Isran or the dawnguard become obedient allies. Alternately, you could use more powerful pacification spells in order to maneuver freely amid the enemies.

Should I pull the trigger on destroying the Dawnguard?

It is not necessary for you to eliminate the members of the Dawnguard who are guarding the fort’s perimeter. Over the course of this quest, it is no longer necessary to keep Isran alive and you are free to do so. If you want to purchase the new Restoration spells and bolts from Sorine Jurard and Florentius Baenius, you can do so by casting Calm or Pacify on them.

As a Werewolf, is it possible to join Dawnguard?

You can still become a member of the pack if you choose to do so. As a group, the Dawnguard has made the elimination of vampires their sole mission in life. The fact that you are a werewolf makes no difference to them in the slightest. They will allow you to join the group if you can guarantee that you are not a vampire.

Which one should I do first, Dawnguard or Dragonborn?

But, even if the Dragonborn’s foes will be more formidable, they won’t be able to match the Dragonborn’s own power. If this is your first time playing through the game, I suggest that you save Dragonborn for last. When you have completed the main mission and Dawnguard, you will discover that the Solstheim and Dawnguard questlines provide a welcome break from the monotony of the game.

Should I turn down Harkon’s request?

At some point in the not-too-distant future, Lord Harkon will offer you the chance to turn into a vampire. In the event that you agree to take the deal, Harkon will give you a bite that will cause you to pass unconscious. You will be expelled from Castle Volkihar forever if you turn down the invitation to become a vampire, and you will not be able to return there under any circumstances.

If you go with Dawnguard, will Serana still be able to accompany you?

Once the quest chain has been completed, Serana will no longer be required to follow you, but you will now have a total of 2 followers. You can even choose to get rid of the second follower and take on a new one in its place, but Serana will continue to follow you. If you remember to treat Serana with respect at all times, you will be successful.

How can I get villagers to quit attacking me in Skyrim?

Find a guard, and if he approaches you while you have a weapon drawn, put it away. If you are not currently holding a weapon, you will be required to retrieve one from its hiding place and then replace it. In most cases, this will cause the security guard to cease beating you and instead offer to take you into custody.

How do I prevent enemies from attacking me in Skyrim?

The following are the conventional methods:
  1. Having one’s arrest made. If you are wanted for a reward, the security personnel in the hold to which the bounty pertains will make an attempt to apprehend you…
  2. Proclaim your status as a Thane. You have the ability to tell the guard that you are the Thane of a hold if you so choose…
  3. Make sure you pay your bounty….
  4. Guards who take bribes…
  5. Go to jail. …
  6. Resist arrest. …
  7. Guard must be convinced, as must the bounty hunter.

In Skyrim, how can you make a hostile NPC more docile?

EDIT: To prevent random NPCs from assaulting you, simply type “tdetect” to disable the artificial intelligence detection feature, click on the NPC, and then put “setav aggressiveness 0” into the text box that appears. As long as detection is turned off, they should not be able to find you and can carry on with their activities without interruption. If necessary, you can use the resetai command.

Which race has the upper hand in Skyrim: werewolves or vampires?

Werewolf is possibly a better choice than Vampire Lord at lower levels because it is easier to level up as a Werewolf, and Vampire Lord will not have as many perks. On the other hand, Vampire Lord is nothing short of an exercise in arrogance. When you reach level 46 or higher, you will receive an additional 100 stamina, 200 magicka, and 250 health.

Why do vampires from Volkihar try to kill me?

If you talk about random vampires, then you should expect them to be hostile toward you. You are an unwelcome guest who is competing with them for blood, and to tell you the truth, the majority of them are probably delirious from hunger and not thinking straight anyhow.

Can you marry serana?

Skyrim’s Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Wed Serana It is not possible to wed a vampire in Skyrim through any of the game’s standard actions or interactions. Modification is required in order to wed Serana or any other vampire. This is the only way to do it. This tutorial will teach you how to install the popular “Marriable Serana” mod that was developed by C0drm0nk33 as well as how to download it.

Should I continue living as a werewolf or change into a vampire?

It is preferable to have the Werewolf/Beast Form rather than the Vampire Lord form. Werewolves are superior in every manner, including in terms of physical strength, speed, and agility. Werewolves, in my opinion, are far better and more powerful in combat, and their roar or shout can make even the most powerful foes flee in terror, particularly if you have the benefits that go along with it.

Can I also be a Lord of Vampires in addition to being a Werewolf?

It is impossible to transform into a werewolf and a vampire at the same time. Being a Vampire Lord will immediately cure lycanthropy, but there is always the chance that it will return in the future. There are further treatments available for patients suffering from lycanthropy. When you have completed the questline for The Companions, you will be given a mission that will provide you a cure.

If you choose to stand with Harkon, what would happen to Serana?

Lord Harkon will acknowledge your capacity for persuasion when Serana informs him that she will not allow herself to be sacrificed and that you are on her side. He will add, “This dragon has fangs,” in reference to your ability to convince others. He finishes off the insult with a dig at Valerica, and then he reprimands Serana for imitating her mother more and more.

Are you able to complete Dawnguard before embarking on the main quest?

You are free to complete Dragonborn before starting the Main Quest, however completing Dawnguard will require the scroll you obtain from the Main Quest. You certainly may, with the only restriction being that in order to become a Dragonborn, you need to visit the Greybeards and be at least level 10; but, in order to become a Dawnguard, the minimum level need is far greater.

What level should I be when I begin playing Dawnguard?

The required level to play Dawnguard is ten at the very least. However, given that some of the tasks are lengthy and challenging, I would advise waiting until level 15-20 to start them. Since gathering materials to construct a home is the sole objective of the Hearthfire quest, it can be started at any moment.

How long does the complete version of Skyrim last?

And if you want to be a completionist for all of those as well, you should expect your total on that end to reach an even greater number: 249 hours for a save game that is 100 percent complete in Skyrim and all three of its DLC expansions.

Can you become a hybrid in Skyrim?

As a result of a bug, master Vampire Lords in Skyrim get the opportunity to experience all of the perks associated with becoming a new Werewolf. Maybe even get rid of a few of the obstacles. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it is possible for the Dragonborn to transform into a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid, although this was not an intended feature.

In Skyrim, is it possible to transform into a Werebear?

On the continent of Solstheim, there is a species of beast known as the werebear. They are a subtype of lycanthrope and are quite similar to werewolves in most regards, with the apparent distinction being the way they look. But, the player won’t be able to transform into a werebear at any point in the game.

If I change into a vampire, will I keep all of the benefits of being a werewolf?

When you use your Vampire King or Werewolf perk points, those points are locked in place indefinitely. If you manage to cure yourself of the infection, but then succumb to it again, you will keep all of the benefits that you have previously unlocked.