Why did Jedi wear clone armor?

General Obi-Wan Kenobi fought in the Battle of Muunilinst while clad in the armor of clone troopers to defend himself from the lances of Durge and the swoop-riding assassin droids that were under his command.

What effect did the clone armor have?

Clone armor was immune to collisions, pressure, heat, and caustic fumes, despite the fact that it was susceptible to damage from lightsabers and direct laser blasts. As a result of the Grand Army of the Republic’s exceptional caliber, by the time that Grand Master Yoda arrived on Kamino to assume command of the army, it had already earned the reputation of being the most formidable military force in the entire galaxy.

What exactly is the function of the armor that clone troopers wear?

The Kaminoans outfitted their covert army with armor, guns, and other stuff when they first assembled it. Each clone trooper wore a set of plastoid plates that fitted snugly over a body glove that was black in color. Clone armor was capable of withstanding blows, pressure, heat, and noxious fumes, but it was not impervious to being struck directly by a laser blast.

Why is it that stormtrooper armor is completely pointless?

The stormtrooper armor seen in the movies is not only worthless as a form of protection during combat but also makes it difficult for the wearer to move around.

Why are stormtroopers so physically fragile?

Why are stormtroopers not just ineffective but also so feeble? They suffer from a severe deficiency of Vitamin P, also known as Plot Armor. the same reason that mooks in Batman comics attack one at a time: this isn’t their story, and the writers have told them they can’t be too excellent at their jobs.

Does Obi-Wan wear armor made from clones?

General Obi-Wan Kenobi fought in the Battle of Muunilinst while clad in the armor of clone troopers to defend himself from the lances of Durge and the swoop-riding assassin droids that were under his command.

Were there any non-clones who participated in the Clone Wars?

The Wars of the Clones

The army of the Republic also included units that were not clones. During the Clone Wars, the all-clone Grand Army and their Jedi officers participated in the majority of the battles that were documented on HoloNet. However, the non-clone Republic Army participated in a significant number of conflicts across the galaxy without the assistance of a single clone soldier.

The question is: why don’t Jedi use blasters?

Even in times when they have no choice but to use force and fight their way out of a predicament, Jedi nevertheless engage in combat at close range because they believe this to be the more noble way to do it. Long-range weapons, on the other hand, have the ability to sneak up on an adversary and kill them when they are least expecting it. Because of these factors, Jedi only occasionally make use of blasters.

Why did Anakin choose to dress in all black?

Before he became a Jedi, Anakin worked as a pilot and a mechanic, and he never stopped doing any of those things. No matter how careful he was, working with mechanics would have left him with grease and/or oil stains, and wearing dark clothes may (largely) cover them up.

How did Rex obtain JAIG eyes?

During an off-the-books trip to the planet Onderon, which necessitated Republic Captain Rex to forgo his personal trooper armor, Rex transferred his rewarded jaig eyes to new civilian clothes. This allowed him to continue his mission.

What does it mean when Rex addresses Ahsoka as sir?

The clones are demonstrating to Ahsoka that they recognize and value her authority as the leader of the group by addressing her as “sir” in their communications with her. The clones nonetheless value the experience she gains despite the fact that her first command is a failure because they see the anguish it causes her to lose the lives of their fellow clones.

What is the significance of the ARC troops’ skirts?

Your legs will be shielded by its protective design. But at this point, it’s all for show.” A kama was an armor accoutrement made of flexible leather that was worn from the belt. The kama is a traditional Mandalorian garment and a widely recognized symbol of Mandalorian culture. It was first modeled after the belt-spats worn by the Thyrsus Sun Guard, but it was modified so that it could be worn by Mandalorian warriors.

Clone soldiers were they mistreated by Jedi?

There were some Jedi, like Pong Krell, who didn’t care about the clones’ lives at all and came close to gleefully throwing them away. However, the vast majority of Jedi were kind to the clones. The fact that the Jedi had no problem with clones fighting and dying for them despite the fact that very few questions were asked demonstrates how little regard other people had for the Jedi.

Why did Palpatine decide to abandon his use of clones?

The Bad Batch idea elucidates the ingenious motivation behind the Empire’s decision to stop creating clones. Several people saw the Empire as a potentially risky way to improve their lot in life. The greatest evil in the galaxy had to get its start someplace. The Empire is still in its infancy when we first see it in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and along with that comes some less-than-glamorous growing pains.

When did stormtroopers stop being clones and start being individuals?

Following the implementation of Order 66, the Empire discontinued its use of clone troopers.

In principle, Palpatine’s goals should have been easily accomplished with the help of the Clone Army.

How did Anakin obtain his scar?

History of the Mark on the Skin

In the Star Wars comic book, Anakin engages in a lightsaber duel with Asajj Ventress, who is Count Dooku’s pupil. She succeeds in gaining the upper hand in the end, but she chooses to demonstrate her accuracy instead. She does not intend to kill him, so she instead uses the tip of her lightsaber to cut across his right eye.

I was wondering if every mandalorian wore Beskar.

Jango Fett clad in the armor of the Mandalorians. Traditional Mandalorian armor was traditionally crafted out of a nearly indestructible material known as Mandalorian Iron (beskar). However, since this material was both scarce and expensive, many Mandalorians, including Jango and Boba Fett, opted for alternative materials that were not as long-lasting, such as durasteel or duraplast.

Why does Obi Wan not recall r2?

It was not because Obi-Wan feared Luke would know too much about the Force; rather, it was due of a misunderstanding made by George Lucas that Obi-Wan stated he had no memory of ever owning a droid. A long time ago, he revealed this at a Star Wars conference, but he immediately justified his actions by providing an entirely plausible justification.

Why are stormtroopers unable to shoot in a straight line?

In conclusion, stormtroopers are slackers, which explains why they are unable to fire in a straight line. They simply do not care enough to make an effort. On January 5, 2021, several changes were made to this article. Stormtroopers are shown serving the First Order in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. The First Order is a successor to the Empire.

Did stormtroopers Miss purpose?

The obvious conclusion that can be drawn from all of this is that the stormtroopers have been given orders to refrain from shooting and killing our heroes. This means that they are absent on purpose.

How many stormtroopers failed to hit their targets with their shots?

Yet, despite the fact that the heroes were standing in the middle of the passage and not paying any attention to the assailants, all four of the stormtroopers managed to miss them. But, for some reason, as Leia and Chewie stepped up to leap down the garbage chute, they stopped shooting. They continued to fire even after the heroes had leaped out of the way!