Why are the monsters after Cleo?

Cleo was left alone for a significant amount of time and compelled to construct creatures out of Malivore’s mud so that he might devour them and satisfy his hunger. At some point in time, she got the idea to fashion a vessel for him that would end up being their savior together.

Why did the beasts have their sights set on Cleo?

Alaric comes to the conclusion that since Malivore is unable to escape the prison world and has no idea how to do so, he must desire Cleo in order to inspire him to think of an original answer to his predicament.

Landon may have been conceived by Cleo.

Cleo used her magic to build a golem of Landon in order to appease her, and when Hope learned what was going on, Cleo attempted to kill her in order to bring out Hope’s vampire side and transform her into a true tribrid.

Why is Cleo such a pivotal character in Legacies?

Cleo possesses all of the typical witch powers and capabilities to a full and complete extent. Nonetheless, she is unique since she was born a witch who is the seventh daughter of a Muse who was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. She possesses a unique and extraordinary magical ability of inspiration.

Why did Cleo act so cruelly toward hope?

Cleo tries to kill Hope so that she can push Hope into her true destiny and preserve her own life at the same time. Cleo believes that by doing so, she can assist Hope become the Tribrid that she was destined to be. It turns out that Cleo wasn’t trying to do anything malicious all along; she was just misguided. When Alaric discovers that Cleo isn’t quite evil after all, he extends an invitation to her to remain at the Salvatore School.

Why is it that Hope’s blood and Landon’s blood cannot mix?

As Landon is also Malivore’s son and a hybrid of human and phoenix, it is reasonable to assume that Hope’s blood is poisonous to him as well. According to this line of reasoning, the rest of her may potentially endanger Landon’s health and wellness if they were to become overly close with one another. Because of this, the two of them cannot combine or fuse without putting his life in jeopardy.

What caused Landon’s transformation into mud?

Earlier in the current season of ‘Legacies,’ Landon and Hope ended their relationship.

On an earlier episode of Legacies this season, immediately after Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) had their first sleep together, Landon was taken by the Malivore pit. Hope was devastated. She is aware that she is poisonous to Malivore, and she feels that this is the reason why Landon crumbled into the mud.

Is Landon a Malivore?

The conclusion of Season 3 of ‘Legacies’ reveals that Landon is in fact Malivore.

Hope, played by Danielle Rose Russell, and Clark, played by Nick Fink, perform a locator spell in the Legacies season 3 episode 16 titled “Fate’s a B–, Isn’t It” to find the Malivore pit.

Is it possible for hope to become a Tribrid?

In ‘Legacies,’ Hope embraces her entire tribrid nature.

And that is how everything transpired titled “Meet You on the Other Side,” the episode is the fourth one to air this season. Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), who had previously committed suicide in order to become the tribrid (with the assistance of her witch aunt Freya), is now held captive by Malivore/Landon, who has her locked up in a cell.

What was it that Andi conjured in Legacies?

Someone slips into her room while she is in the shower and goes through her belongings, looking through her drawers. She got out of the shower when she heard something shatter, and when she did, she discovered a broken vial on the floor. She speeds up the process by having Samantha call for all of the witches in the coven.

Is Lizzie a vampire legacy?

Lizzie is a vampire as well as a siphoner witch, which is another name for a heretic. This implies that she is capable of absorbing an infinite amount of magic while also donning leather jackets.

Is it possible that Landon will resurrect as a phoenix?

After Landon agrees to let Malivore use his body as a vessel after making the agreement with his father, it’s possible that he will end up possessing all of the creatures that Malivore ate. – This could happen when Landon lets Malivore take over his body. – As Landon fused back with his father, Malivore, there is a chance that he will come back as a phoenix at some point in the future.

Have all of the Malivore creatures been spawned by Cleo?

Cleo was left alone for a significant amount of time and compelled to construct creatures out of Malivore’s mud so that he might devour them and satisfy his hunger. At some point in time, she got the idea to fashion a vessel for him that would end up being their savior together.

On the show Legacies, is Cleo a witch?

More Tales By Denise. Omono Okojie, who appeared as a recurring character in the third season of the CW drama Legacies playing the role of Cleo Sowande, has been elevated to the series regular role for the upcoming fourth season of the show. Cleo, portrayed by Okojie, is a first-year student at the Salvatore School of Witchcraft who forms a friendship with Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) due to their shared interest in the arts.

Is it possible that Finch is a werewolf Legacies?

In Legacies, on the other hand, she is given the opportunity to take things one step further and become one of the otherworldly creatures. Although Finch Tarrayo is a werewolf, her history and origins are very different from those of the other werewolves in the close-knit pack that lives at the Salvatore School.

Is Rebekah human in Legacies?

Following her departure at the end of the first season, Rebekah Sinclair (née Mikaelson), who had been one of the series’ main characters, appeared as a special guest in subsequent seasons of the show as well as in Eternal Darkness. She was one of the Original Vampires before the transformation that returned her to her human form in the season one finale.

Who in The Originals is the first character to be a Tribrid?

Hope Mikaelson’s Biography:

She is the only tribrid in the series due to the fact that her parents, Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner, had a child together. Hope Mikaelson is the first character in the series to have a hybrid ancestry that includes all three bloodlines: witch, vampire, and werewolf.

Why is it that Klaus can’t be close to Hope?

In order to preserve Hope, Klaus and his brothers each absorbed some of the power of the Hollow and went their separate ways to different parts of the world. The situation would be extremely precarious for either of them if they were to get too close to Hope or to one another. As a direct consequence of this, Hope and Klaus had to be forcibly split up.

Does Landon ever develop powers?

Landon possesses all of the typical abilities and capabilities that come with being a Phoenix.

Who is the assassin of Malivore?

Hope Mikaelson activated her vampire side in the fourth episode of the fourth season of Legacies. This allowed her to become the Tribrid, the most powerful being in the world of The Vampire Diaries. Hope created a blade out of her own body and used it to slay Malivore in a scene that stands out as one of the most memorable moments from the series.

Why was the game Malivore developed?

Malivore is a golem who was built by an ancient witch, ancient vampire, and an ancient werewolf in order to prevent other supernatural beings from threatening humanity. He is also known by the name Eater of the Dark. After taking in such a large quantity, he became conscious and developed the desire to start a lineage similar to his own.

How did Landon transform into a human being?

When the character Landon was first presented to the audience, everyone assumed that he was a typical human being. But, a very long time ago, towards the end of the first season, Landon’s Legacies story line was given sufficient weight by his death at the hands of MG. This allowed the character to learn that he was, in fact, a Phoenix, as he rose from the ashes and revived himself after his death.

Hope or Josie—which will it be for Landon?

In the end, Landon comes to the realization that he was incorrect in his assumption that he was in love with Josie and that he has, in fact, been in love with Hope the entire time, even while he was unable to recall it. He ends things with Josie and tells Hope how he feels about her as they are kissing under the mistletoe. Hope reciprocates his feelings.

In the game of Legacies, what exactly is a phoenix?

It was originally believed that phoenixes did not exist because they are such a rare and fantastical creature. Since Landon is the only known Phoenix, it is uncertain whether or not the species was already present in the world or was specifically created by Malivore, Landon’s father. This is due to the fact that Landon is the only known Phoenix.