Who was jealous in love with Death Note?

Gelus, sometimes known as Jealous, is a Shinigami who appears in the anime Death Note. His name is pronounced “Jealous.” He sacrificed his life in order to safeguard Misa Amane.

Misa Amane
Misa Amane (, Amane Misa) is an up-and-coming model, actress, and supporter of Kira who, in the end, becomes the Second Kira. Her name is pronounced “Amane Misa.” After obtaining a Death Note, she goes looking for Kira in order to express her gratitude to him for avenging the deaths of her family members at the hands of the person who murdered them and to give him her assistance.

Who was the girl who had saved the Death Note and was jealous?

As Misa believes it to be appropriate, Rem hands up his Death Note to her because she was the one he ended up saving.

Is Misa’s Shinigami romantically interested in her?

Gelus, a Shinigami who had fallen in love with Misa, made the ultimate sacrifice by slaying the person who was meant to kill her.

Who was it that Gelus had feelings for?

Gelus, a Shinigami, fell in love with Misa Amane and decided to use his Death Note to end the life of the person who had been chosen to take her life. As a consequence of this, Gelus passed away, taking only his Death Note with him. Rem was able to reclaim the notebook, and he delivered it to Misa in the human world because he believed that she was the one who was supposed to have possession of it.

Why was it so important for Rem to protect Misa?

Rem wished to shield Misa from harm and threatened to take Light’s life if the latter allowed or caused Misa to perish. Misa was, on the other hand, a useful instrument for Light, and he was unable to eliminate her presence without drawing unwanted attention to himself. Light, like everyone else, wanted L to die, but he was unable to put an end to him because he did not know L’s real name.

Who exactly is Subaru’s spouse?

Rem had also made a proposal to become Subaru’s second wife before the battle with the Hakugei, and after the battle, she went so far as to simulate her own death in order to coerce a confession out of him. She did this so that she could get Subaru to admit that he had been lying.

Rem or Ryuk: who is the superior character?

I would say Ryuk. Ryuk had a much deeper comprehension of the stakes than Rem had. Rem was overly naive and in some ways can be held somewhat responsible for the death of everyone else. Due to the fact that Rem’s humanity and conscience made him too easy to control within the context of the chess game that the show represented, I consider him to be an inferior Shinigami.

Who did Misa love?

In the Death Note series, Light Yagami, also known as Kira, is Misa Amane’s potential romantic interest.

Who is the Death Note character who has passed their birthday?

A figure named Beyond Birthday, also known as Biyondo Bsudei, appears in the book Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. He was a previous successor for L from Wammy’s House, and he is the serial murderer that was responsible for the BB Murder Case in Los Angeles.

Does it matter to Ryuk if there is light?

As was mentioned previously, Ryuk is merely following Light around for the sake of gaining amusement from the situation. This short excursion to Earth is essentially his means of getting away from the monotony of life in the Shinigami realm and providing him with a break from his duties as Death God for a little while. This brings one closer to the reality of the situation. In all honesty, Ryuk couldn’t care less about Light.

What exactly was L’s given name?

Only in the instruction manual Death Note 13: How to Read is the character’s true name, L. Lawliet, revealed.

Did Light’s dad realize that his son was really Kira?

When Soichiro encounters Light shortly after Light recovers the Death Note from Mello and Shoko Himura, he makes the conclusive discovery that Light is in fact Kira. This discovery allows Soichiro to move on with his life.

How long has Mello been alive?

According to the book, he had a deep-seated personal defect in the form of his animosity against Near. His birthday is December 13th, 1989 (1992 in the anime), and the 27th of January, 2010 is the day he passed away. He has the A blood type, measures 171 centimeters (5′ 7″) in height, weighs 47 kilograms (104 pounds), and has the same.

Who is the female companion of Light Yagami?

Kiyomi Takada (, Takada Kiyomi) is a character in the Kira Utena series. During their time together in college, she was Light Yagami’s lover, and she went on to become Kira’s spokesman on the NHN television station.

Does light like anyone?

Light did not have genuine affection for anyone else save himself. Display any recent activity on this post. Misa served as a tool, Takada served as a tool, and his family simply should not have gotten in his way because he would have killed them if they did. Both of these individuals were tools.

Does light even notice the letter L?

The relationship between Light and L is one of mutual respect. Light and L have never actually participated in a “game” with anyone else that was taken seriously before. Light recognized in L an opportunity for him to demonstrate his value; he reasoned that if he triumphed, he would be correct, but if he failed, he would be proven incorrect.

Who is the Death Note character that gets the most fan support?

Characters from Death Note, Rated According to How Much You Like Them
  1. 1 Ryuk. It is impossible for anyone to deny that Ryuk steals the show in each and every scene that he is in because the show’s heart, core aesthetic, and humorous relief are all provided by him.
  2. 2 L. … 3 Light Yagami. … 4 Soichiro Yagami. … 5 Touta Matsuda. … 6 Misa Amane. … 7 Rem. … 8 Near. …

Who is the most powerful character in Death Note?

1 Teru Mikami

He walks in Light’s footsteps, but he is also brutal in his destruction of persons he considers “lazy” as well as those who have turned their lives around and become law-abiding citizens. Teru is a threat since he is without compassion or mercy, despite the fact that he possesses the power of the Death Note.

Is Ryuk a good guy?

Type of Villain

Ryuk. In the Death Note franchise, Ryuk is the secondary protagonist; however, in the one-shot special chapter that takes place after the events of the original series, he becomes the primary antagonist. Despite this, Ryuk is still the deuteragonist of the franchise. It was because of him that Light Yagami was given the Death Note by accident, which led to the beginning of his murderous rampage.

Is Echidna romantically interested in Subaru?

Even though Subaru turned down Echidna’s offer of a contract, the author has both inferred and stated openly that Echidna still harbors some degree of real fondness and sentiments toward Subaru.

Who will Subaru choose to partner with?

Subaru has become an incredible source of solace for Emilia, and she cares very much for him. There is a good chance that Emilia and Subaru will end up together, despite the fact that she does not yet have a clear understanding of her exact sentiments toward him at this time.

What kind of power does Subaru have?

Laziness as a Source of Authority:

Subaru decided to term his interpretation of the Authority “Invisible Providence,” which is a contrast to Petelgeuse, who referred to the power as the “Unseen Hand.” Invisible Providence was a power that gave Subaru the ability to conjure invisible appendages similar to hands from his chest, which he could then move and extend using his telekinetic abilities.

Why isn’t Misa able to recognize L’s name?

Her regaining her memory and subsequently obtaining possession of the property should have been the catalyst for her decision to kill L. The only reason she went through with the sale a second time was because she cannot recall the name of the item and wants to examine it once more. On the other hand, she does not run into L ever again, and as a result, she does not notice his name.

The question is why Light’s father was born with Shinigami eyes.

With the receipt of their second Death Note, the Investigation Team comes to the conclusion that they should carry out Kira’s plan. Soichiro comes to the conclusion that he should be the one to negotiate the exchange of Shinigami Eyes with Ryuk because he was the one who was responsible for handing them their first Death Note.