When was Pepsi Free discontinued?

The moniker “Pepsi Free” was discontinued in 1987, and these colas are now referred to as “Caffeine-Free Pepsi” and “Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi” instead of by their previous names.

Is Pepsi Free still being produced today?

Although Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free has not been taken off the market on a nationwide scale, its availability may differ from place to place.

Is there a caffeine-free variant of Pepsi available?

Pepsi Caffeine-Free is identical to regular Pepsi Cola, with the exception that it does not contain any caffeine. Those who enjoy the flavor of Pepsi but don’t want or are unable to consume the caffeine that comes in a conventional can of Pepsi will find this soft drink to their liking. There is a caffeine-free version of Pepsi available in the majority of the sizes that Pepsi is sold in.

Has Caffeine Free Coke been discontinued?

There will still be a caffeine-free version of Diet Coke available. We are experiencing, as with many other businesses, an increase in the demand for products that are consumed in the house, and we are taking steps to respond to this demand.

Where can I get a caffeine-free version of Pepsi?

There will not be an indefinite break between Pepsi Caffeine Free releases. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the demand for canned soft drinks. As a direct consequence of this, there is a deficiency in the supply of aluminum that is used for making beverage cans.

Is there caffeine-free Pepsi available at Walmart?

You can get Pepsi Cola Caffeine Free Soda Pop, 16.9 oz., 8 Pack Bottles on the Walmart website.

Is aspartame present in caffeine-free Pepsi products?

It has been decided to eliminate aspartame from all varieties of Diet Pepsi, including the original flavor, a caffeine-free variant of the original flavor, and Diet Pepsi Cherry.

Why is there a lack of Pepsi products?

Consumers have been accustomed to experiencing shortages over the course of the past year and a half. During the height of the COVID pandemic, there have been a variety of variables that have contributed to limited availability. These factors include consumers hoarding products and a lack of personnel.

Does Pepsi without caffeine still have the same flavor?

Message to soft-drink guzzlers: If you choose caffeinated drinks over those without caffeine, the “kick” that you get from them is definitely more appealing to you than the flavor. This is the conclusion that a researcher from Johns Hopkins came at after testing 25 cola drinkers to determine if they could detect the presence of caffeine in amounts similar to those seen in Coke and Pepsi.

Is it preferable to drink caffeine-free soda than ordinary soda?

Caffeine-free Caffeine-free Coca-Cola contains all of the same components as ordinary Coca-Cola, but it does not contain any caffeine. If purchasing a soda soft drink with minimal salt content and the presence of GMOs is important to you, this product meets both of those criteria. In comparison to regular Coke, this variant only has 140 calories and zero grams of total fat. In addition to that, it has fewer carbohydrates and sugars.

Why can’t I find any Pepsi in the stores?

Other beverage manufacturers, notably Pepsi, are said to have been obliged to concentrate on their most popular varieties in order to maintain a sufficient supply of goods on store shelves. Businesses claim that there is a shortage of aluminum cans, and manufacturers of cans are doing all in their power to enhance production in order to meet the rising demand.

Why does Coca-Cola without the caffeine taste better?

The bitterness of caffeine, the flavors that result from interactions between the caffeine and other ingredients in the product, and the flavor of the drink itself can be altered when caffeine is removed from coffee or cola. This is due to the fact that the process of removing caffeine can impart or remove flavors.

Is there going to be a shortage of Pepsi in 2021?

Pepsi-Cola Manufactured with Real Sugar is still hard to come by despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for nearly two years. Cans of 12 ounces have been absent from grocery stores from the third quarter of 2021, while plastic bottles have not been sold since the year 2020.

What factors led to the increase in the cost of soda in 2021?

Because of interruptions in global supply chains caused by pandemics, costs for everything from aluminum cans to labor and shipping have skyrocketed over the past year. As a result, businesses in the packaged food industry have been forced to respond by raising prices.

Is the throwback flavor of Pepsi still sold?

Pepsi Throwback was rebranded under its present label in June 2014, despite the fact that the beverage still does not contain any high-fructose corn syrup in its formulation. It debuted its new branding in April of the year 2020. The moniker “throwback” was also given to a citrus-flavored Mountain Dew variety produced by PepsiCo and sold under their brand.

What took place with the aspartame-free version of Diet Pepsi?

PepsiCo is reintroducing aspartame into its flagship product, Diet Pepsi, effective immediately. The company removed the contentious component from their products in 2015, but after receiving negative feedback from consumers who were dedicated to the brand, they reinstated it in a restricted capacity in 2016. The version that does not include aspartame will still be sold, but exclusively through online retailers.

Why did Pepsi cease making its products without aspartame?

The company cited declining sales and health concerns stemming from scientific studies linking artificial sweeteners to obesity and cancer in lab rats when it announced last spring that it planned to remove aspartame from Diet Pepsi. The announcement came during the spring season.

Does Amazon sell Caffeine Free Pepsi?

Buy Pepsi Caffeine Free, 12 fl oz (pack of 12) in the Grocery & Gourmet Food section of Amazon.com.

What is the deal with the lack of diet Pepsi at the supermarkets in 2021?

This is happening because some diet sodas are being phased out, or at the very least, their packaging has been removed. You will now find these beverages under their new brand name, which is “zero sugar.” The term “diet” is being phased out in favor of “zero sugar” for many sugar-free soft beverages.

Does Dr Pepper still make caffeine free?


You are able to continue to take pleasure in that classic Dr. Pepper flavor. Caffeine-Free Dr Pepper offers the same original flavor combination of 23 flavors as regular Dr Pepper. If you take your time with it and go at your own peaceful, decaffeinated pace, you’ll be able to appreciate all 23 flavors. It’s everything you love about Dr Pepper, minus the caffeine you normally get from drinking it.

Why isn’t Gatorade sold in stores in the year 2021?

(From the Front Office of Sports) PepsiCo is planning to increase its prices in order to make up for the losses it has incurred as a result of problems with its supply chain. These problems include a lack of plastic bottles suitable for Gatorade sports drinks.

Why is it so difficult to find Gatorade in 2021?

According to Beverage Digest, the demand for Gatorade is normally at its highest during the summer months. Since hotter-than-average temperatures are expected to hit both the summer of 2020 and the summer of 2021, there is a possibility that the demand for this well-liked beverage that quenches thirst will increase even further.

Why is there never enough Gatorade in the fridge?

According to Beverage Digest, a publication that monitors the beverage business and is based in Atlanta, various variables are responsible for the shortfall, including the following: a very warm summer over much of the country, an spike in consumption that can be linked to COVID patients, COVID outbreaks or quarantines among workers who produce Gatorade, and a limited supply…

Can caffeine create poop?

(CNN) In addition to boosting their energy levels, some people find that coffee stimulates the regularity of their bowel motions. There hasn’t been a lot of research done on why many people feel the need to use the restroom just a few minutes after drinking coffee, despite the fact that it’s such a popular beverage.