What is the population of Nailsworth?

During the Census in 2016,

2016 Census
According to the results of the 2016 Census, the population of Australia was 23,401,892 people. There were 49.3% males and 50.7% females among these total participants. 2.8% of the population was comprised of people who identified as either Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. In Australia, the average age of the population was 38 years old.
https://www.abs.gov.au › census › find-census-data › quickstats2016 Australia, Census All persons According to QuickStats provided by the Australian Bureau of, the population of Nailsworth was 2,149. There were 49.8% males and 50.2% females among these total participants. Those who were either Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander made up 0.5 percent of the total population. The inhabitants of Nailsworth had a median age of 37 years when they were surveyed.

Is Nailsworth a desirable spot to make your home?

Nailsworth, which is located in South Gloucestershire and is a part of the Cotswolds, was just just chosen as one of the top locations to live in all of Britain by The Sunday Times. It is easy to see why, given that it boasts an exciting combination of restaurants, bars, and cafés that have won awards, in addition to some excellent independent businesses.

How many years has nailsworth lived?

In 1892, portions of the historic parishes of Avening, Horsley, and Minchinhampton were combined to form the new parish of Nailsworth. This new parish is located about 6 kilometers (4 miles) south of Stroud.

Who exactly is the owner of Egypt Mill in Nailsworth?

Brakspear, the firm that now operates The Frogmill near Cheltenham, has made the announcement that they would be taking over Egypt Mill in Nailsworth. Egypt Mill is well-known in the surrounding area for its cuisine as well as its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Is Stroud a hard place to live?

According to CrimeRate: “Stroud is the most hazardous small town in Gloucestershire, and generally it is one of the top 10 most dangerous out of all 314 towns, villages, and cities in Gloucestershire.

Why should you make Stroud your new home?

According to a report published by the Sunday Times, Stroud is the most desirable location in the United Kingdom to make a home. The town in Gloucestershire was lauded for the excellence of its educational facilities, its availability of green space, and its “independent spirit.” The western part of England performed quite well on the list, and Frome, which is located in Somerset, was chosen as the winner in that region.

Is Stroud a nice area?

As a result of the epidemic, the town of Stroud in Gloucestershire has been recognized as the most desirable location to reside in the United Kingdom. This recognition comes as a result of the convenience and sense of community that can be found in small towns as opposed to cities.

How many people call the area around Stroud their home?

Stroud is a relatively small town located in central Gloucestershire, in the South West region of England. The town’s population is 32,670.

Is Stroud some kind of hippie?

A journalist named Louise Tickle referred to Stroud as a “conservative Gloucestershire town.” [Citation needed] In the piece, she penned the following: “While there is a hint of the hippie subculture in the town of Stroud, most of the local hippies are professionals and have decent financial standing.

Where in Gloucester would you not recommend that I live?

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  • Cheltenham scored 62.37 points, Costwold scored 35.97 points, and the Forest of Dean scored 27.92 points. Gloucester scored 75.12 points, Stroud scored 36.94 points, Tewkesbury scored 35.54 points, and Gloucestershire scored 48.07 points.

Where in the United Kingdom do you recommend looking for a home in the year 2021?

Hexham, a market town located in Northumberland, is once again in first place for the year 2021. Hexham, a market town located in Northumberland, was determined to be the happiest place to reside in all of Britain for the second year in a row. Prior to falling to 12th place in the rankings in 2018, the town on the River Tyne was previously recognized as having the happiest residents in 2019. But, in 2018, the municipality fell to 12th place.

Is it a good idea to make your home in Stroud?

This year, Stroud was chosen as a hot spot in the South West, and in 2021 it will be selected as the best place to live in the United Kingdom. The town of Stroud was ranked number one on the Sunday Times’ list of the best places to live in the United Kingdom in 2017. The town was lauded for its “unique independent character,” as well as its schools, transportation links, and green space.

Is Stroud a diverse community?

Stroud is distinguished by the fact that its Black and Minority Ethnic population is quite low, accounting for only 2.1% of the total. At 10.9% of the total population, the neighboring city of Gloucester had the largest percentage of people who identified as being from a black or ethnic minority.

Where in the United Kingdom would you recommend people to live?

Here are the top 10 places in the United Kingdom to call home.
  • Reading and the surrounding area of the Thames Valley. Manchester. Leeds. Bristol. Brighton. Cardiff. Edinburgh. Oxford and the Cotswolds. Reading and the surrounding area of the Thames Valley. Bristol, a historic port city, is gradually gaining a reputation as one of the most desirable places to live in the United Kingdom, both among native Britons and international residents.

Is Stroud considered a wealthy community?

Stroud has an extensive and well-known industrial past, with a number of ancient monuments and structures that are still very much intact. These venerable monuments and buildings include historic woollen mills, which were formerly a component of the town’s thriving textile manufacturing.

What is it that Stroud is famous for?

The town of Stroud is well-known for its rich industrial background, and throughout the valleys, tourists may still see remnants of the textile mills that once stood there. Stroud is home to several historic mills, some of which are still operational and offer tours during specific periods of the year. Even in modern times, this location is responsible for producing Wimbledon tennis ball cloth and championship snooker baize.

Is it a pleasant place to live in Stonehouse?

Stonehouse is situated in a beautiful natural setting on the banks of the River Frome right where it enters the Severn Vale. Stonehouse, which is located in an excellent location on the outskirts of the Cotswolds, provides a fantastic opportunity to both live and work in the countryside. Stonehouse is home to a diverse selection of residential options.

What’s the story behind the name Egypt Mill?

The Webb family held onto the building until 1832, when they finally parted ways with it and sold it to the partnership of Playne and Smith. The mill workers who toiled there referred to their master, Nathan Webb, as Pharaoh and said that they might as well have been treated like slaves in Egypt. This is how the mill got its name, “Egypt Mill.” Peter Playne has been the renter of the property in the past.

Is Gloucester a harsh place?

According to the most recent crime statistics, the neighborhood that surrounds the central business district of Gloucester is one of the most dangerous places in all of England and Wales. Over the course of the previous year, there were a total of 5,000 crimes perpetrated in the region.

Is Gloucester a ritzy town?

The county of Gloucestershire is home to a number of exceptionally luxurious homes, and the city of Gloucester is not an exception to this trend. It should not come as a surprise given the breathtaking scenery we have been bestowed with, since views of never-ending greenery have contributed to the desirability of specific regions.

Where in Gloucester should one look for the most desirable housing options?

We have compiled a list of the five greatest locations to live in Gloucester, containing crucial information on each neighborhood as well as the average cost of rent and the price of a home there currently on the market.
  1. Quedgeley. Along the River Severn, a few miles to the southwest of the center of Gloucester lies the community of Quedgeley. Other nearby communities include Tuffley, Barnwood, Hucclecote, and Longlevens.

Where in the United Kingdom do the majority of hippies call home?


It is possible that Glastonbury is the most hippy town in all of England.