What happens if you tell Siri Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA Start?

To activate Siri on your iPhone and try out the Konami code, you will first need to say “Hello Siri,” which is Siri’s wake word. The following is a list of the Konami code: Left Right Left Right B A Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A If you were to recite it to her, she would respond with one of the following: “Cheater!”, “Nerd.”, or “I’m Getting Dizzy…”

What takes place when the Konami Code is provided to Siri?

You can expect Siri to respond by labeling you as either a “cheater” or a “nerd.” Perhaps Siri would say, “I’m becoming woozy.” The Sun claims that the Konami Code is also functional on other types of gaming consoles. If you use Alexa to try it out, Amazon’s voice assistant will inform you that “Super Alexa mode: Activated.”

What does the super Siri mode consist of?

It’s a well-known cheat code that, in the form of an Easter egg, has been hidden away in both Alexa and Siri. The ‘Super Mode’ button is more of a whimsical homage to the classic cheat seen in video games than it is a button that actually performs anything. According to the information provided on TikTok, the secret phrase is as follows: “Alexa, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.”

What exactly is the function of the keys up up down down left right left right BA?

Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right In the 1980s, video games frequently required players to enter a secret code known as the Konami Code in order to advance through the game and avoid certain death. If you press those buttons in the correct order, you’ll be able to unlock hacks that will make it easier for you to win.

How do I make Siri chuckle in a sinister manner?

Have you heard that Siri can be made to chuckle at your command? You don’t need to tell her a joke; all you have to do is give her a unique ‘nickname,’ and then listen to her attempt to pronounce it. The consequences are funny and, to tell you the truth, a little bit unsettling as well. This guy did it.

What are some questions you should never put to Siri?

Siri should never be asked these 14 questions.
  • Items that you should never inquire about with Siri.
  • “Hello, Siri! Can you tell me about your favorite animal?”
  • “Hey Siri, how can I get rid of a body?”
  • “Hello Siri, can you tell me why you’re vibrating?”
  • “Hello Siri, say filthy to me.”
  • “Hey Siri, which medicine should I take, the red or the blue?”
  • “Hello Siri, read me some poetry,” the user requested.
  • “Hello, Siri! Are you willing to marry me?”

What is the name of the most well-known cheat code?

The Konami Code is widely considered to be the most well-known cheat code in the history of video games. The fact that the Japanese publisher inserted this code into more than one hundred of its titles is largely responsible for the phenomenon’s notoriety.

When was the first time someone used a cheat code?

The Konami Code, which was developed in 1986 by Konami programmer Kazuhisa Hashimoto when he was working on adapting the 1985 arcade game Gradius for use on the Nintendo Entertainment System, is one of the earliest known examples of this type of cheat.

What is the most impressive ability that Siri possesses?

15 Cool Things That Siri Can Do For You That You Were Not Aware Of Until Now
  • Rise To Speak. Siri can be activated on an iPhone by the user by pressing and holding the Home button for a few seconds….
  • Publish Your Content On Either Twitter Or Facebook…
  • Search For Tweets, Modify It, Siri Can Perform Arithmetic, Save Straight to Evernote, Location Based Reminders, and Convert Measurements are some of the features that are available on the Apple Watch.

Can Siri play games?

You’re in luck, because Siri can host trivia games on your device, and one of them is called True or False.

Does Siri talk back?

For instance, you have the option of having Siri reply at all times or only when the Hands-Free mode is activated. Go to the Apple menu () > System Preferences > Siri on your Mac, and make sure that the Voice Feedback switch is turned on.

Can Siri execute Harry Potter spells?

There are three enchantments that are available to be utilized with Siri: Lumos, which activates your torch, Nox, which deactivates it, and Accio, which launches an application. Even while casting these spells is mostly just for fun, there are times when they come in handy.

What results do you get when you tell Siri to go Up Up Down Down?

The phrase “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A” is more well known as the Konami Code. It was developed by Kazuhisa Hashimoto and is recognized as the most widespread form of cheat code used all over the world. If you were to tell Siri this, her response would be… ‘NERD,’ ‘cheater,’ or ‘I’m getting dizzy.

What exactly are the commands for Siri?

The most useful Siri commands for managing your phone.
  • Call [name].
  • Send [name] a text.
  • FaceTime [name].
  • Send [name] an email at [email protected].
  • Listen to my voicemails, please.
  • Please peruse my messages.
  • Open [app].
  • Take a photo of it.

The video game Sonic the Hedgehog has a secret code; what is it?

On the title screen, you need to hit Up, Down, Left, and Right, followed by A+Start. (After you press Right, a ringing noise will play, indicating that you’ve entered the code correctly.) To access the main menu, hit the following combinations of buttons: Up, C, Down, C, Left, C, Right, C, A+Start. Maintain the A button press until Sonic appears on the screen.

Where can I find any nice cheat codes?

Turn on God Mode, and have a look at some of these tried-and-true cheat codes!
  • … The Konami/Contra Code
  • The Sims – Rosebud/Klapaucius. …
  • Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, including those for money, health, and armor…
  • Doom – God Mode. …
  • The process of unlocking Akuma in Super Street Fighter II Turbo…
  • Max Payne – Unlimited Bullet Time. …
  • The Infinite Fire version of NBA Jam.

What exactly does 0451 stand for?

Later on, Warren Spector disclosed that the number 0451 was in fact only the door code to the Looking Glass Studios offices located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You probably already know that the code here is 0451, which was initially implemented in System Shock if you’ve been playing a lot of games including Seeing Glass and Ion Storm.

What happens if you tell Siri your age is 17?

In point of fact, the hack does not function, and if you tell Siri “17,” you will inadvertently be placing a call to emergency services. The user handbook for Siri on the iPhone states that no matter what emergency number you say, the device will automatically dial the local emergency number.

What kinds of strange questions can you ask Siri?

Siri’s Answers to Some Hilarious Questions
  • Siri, do you think pigs can fly?
  • Siri, can you make me laugh?
  • Siri, what’s a decent knock-knock joke?
  • Siri, can you sing me a song?
  • Siri, are you able to perform a beatbox for me?
  • Siri, do I look good?
  • Siri, can you sing me a lullaby?
  • Just tell me you’ll follow me on Twitter, Siri.

Is Siri a genuine person?

It took us a number of years, it would appear, before we were able to see the real woman who presented herself as Siri’s actual voice. In 2013, Susan Bennett, who provides the voice for the Apple assistant, reportedly confirmed his participation in an interview with CNN, as was reported by Slash Gear. When asked about the beginning of this voice-acting job, Bennett first stated that it took place in July of 2005.