How do you keep Shepard alive in ME3 Legendary Edition?

The only way to ensure that Shepard lives through the events of the game is to choose to wipe out the Reapers using a Total Military Strength of 7800 or higher. Regardless of how you feel about this option from a moral sense, it is the only way to guarantee that Shepard will live. This means that your crew’s survival must also be ensured, and as little harm as possible must be done to Earth.

Will Shepard be able to make it through the ME3 Legendary Edition?

It is strongly suggested that Commander Shepard, along with the rest of the Normandy group and everyone on Earth, makes it through the events of the Perfect Ending.

Shepard must have a certain number of War Assets in order to become legendary.

If you have 7800 War Assets or more, Commander Shepard and the entire Normandy crew will survive the explosion. This is provided that you have not used any of your War Assets.

How exactly does one get to the excellent ending in the me3 Legendary Edition?

It is impossible to get the best possible finish to the game any other way than by amassing a high military strength score. In the Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition, a negative ending will be given to the player automatically if they do not complete this objective.

What will happen if Shepard manages to go past me3?

Shepard’s survival also makes it possible for additional characters who, according to the Crucible’s interpretation of the Destroy Ending, would have been killed off in that ending to make a comeback. The Destroy Ending would have most likely resulted in the deaths of EDI, the AI controlling the Normandy, and all of the Geth.

When will we see Shepard in ME4?

According to a slip-up on the EA store website, Shepard will be making a return in Mass Effect 4. [Updated] According to a store page on the BioWare website that has since been updated, Commander Shepard will be making a comeback in the next Mass Effect 4 video game.

Is it still possible to find Shepard in Andromeda?

Shepard lives or dies in one of the endings of Mass Effect 3, depending on the player’s decisions throughout the game. It is unknown if Shepard will return, but at the very least, founding party member Liara will be making an appearance in some capacity.

Will Shepard be able to make it through synthesis?

Shepard have the ability to offer themselves as a sacrifice in order to combine all organic and synthetic life in the galaxy, so relieving the Reapers of the obligation to continue the cycles. This ability is denoted by the color green. If this option is chosen, Earth will be saved, and Shepard’s team will also be preserved and synthesized.

Will Shepard be able to escape the destruction in the end?

Tully Ackland, a community coordinator at BioWare, responded to inquiries about the character Shepard’s death and confirmed that the character does in fact live until the very end of the game, but only if the player choose the “Destroy” ending.

Does EDI remain operational after the destruction?

EDI’s body will be destroyed, but her data base will not; this indicates that she will continue to exist, but not in the form that she obtained from Dr. Eva. If Legion’s sacrifice did not transform them into something more than just synthetics, the Geth are almost certainly extinct, which is a tragedy for me because they were my absolute favorite race in Mass Effect 2.

Which one will be Shepard’s salvation?

The conclusion of Mass Effect 3: Destruction

With lower Total Military Strength, this will also destroy everything else, but if you are adequately prepared, it is possible to save Earth, the crew of the Normandy, and Shepard. This is the only possible ending for the game in which Shepard can remain alive.

To get the best ending, how much EMS do I need to use?

Your decisions and the outcomes of key events in the game’s latter stages are determined, in part, by your EMS score. The level of readiness can be increased through participating in multiplayer and various other side activities outside of the main content of ME3. To get the greatest possible ending in this iteration of the game, you’ll need to have at least about 4,000 EMS.

How can you know if Shepard will make it through this?

Reaching 5000 Effective Military Strength (EMS), and not 5000 Total Military Strength, is a requirement for obtaining the “absolutely perfect ending” and unlocking the “hidden ending” that reveals Commander Shepard’s survival. This can be accomplished by reaching 5000 Total Military Strength. You are also have to make the decision to annihilate the Reapers.

By the conclusion of ME3, will Commander Shepard be able to survive?

The players will have to make a decision in order to get the ideal conclusion to the Mass Effect 3 story by picking the path that results in Commander Shepard’s survival at the conclusion of the game. The game requires the players to amass a total of 7800 or more points in Military Strength, and then they must select the Destruction conclusion.

What are the steps to preserving the Anderson me3 Legendary Edition?

You have a minimum requirement of 95% to be considered galactic ready. Without it, Shepard will perish, and Anderson will not make it through the night. You do not require a readiness level of 95% for the galaxy. Shepard will perish regardless of how many times the galaxy is ready for him since the Crucible presents him with options that all result in his death.

Is there going to be a Mass Effect 4 game?

Unquestionably, one of the video games that people are looking forward to the most in the not too distant future is Mass Effect 4. The game has a great deal of promise because to the inclusion of BioWare’s unique art style as well as the mix of the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies. There have been rumors that Mass Effect 4 will utilize Unreal Engine 5 as well.

Why is the finale when you destroy everything the only one where Shepard lives?

This is meant to imply that the love interest is not ready to accept that Shepard has passed away, and the conclusion of the scene shows that they were correct in their assessment. As the Normandy prepares to take departure, there is renewed optimism that Shepard and his love interest will eventually be reunited.

What are the game’s four different possible conclusions?

The conclusion of Mass Effect 3, which was determined by a series of actions that had unending repercussions, could be summed up in one of three ways, regardless of the choices that were made earlier in the game: either you control (the Reapers), destroy (the Reapers), or synthesize (the Reapers).

Is it still possible for Shepard to survive, Mass Effect?

This remark gives a fairly strong indication that Shepard is still alive and assisting those people who managed to escape the reaper assault. This is a massive leak for Mass Effect 5, which is a game about which we have not received any news for a considerable amount of time. On his YouTube channel, the user who goes by the name “MrHulthen” was also one of the first to break the story.

Will Shepard make an appearance in Mass Effect 5?

According to BioWare, the information on a product page that suggested Shepard could make a comeback was a “error.” According to a response sent by BioWare to rumors circulating on the internet that Commander Shepard will appear in the next installment of the Mass Effect video game series, this will not be the case.

Is there a Shepard that canonically exists?

Cooper confirmed that the female version of Commander Shepard had existed in the past. This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that FemShep is the one and only genuine Commander Shepard. Do I have BioWare’s assurance that this is part of the canon? For additional information on the next Mass Effect game, be sure to check out our coverage of the most recent N7 Day roundtable hosted by BioWare.

Do Shepard and Mass Effect have a child together?

Iyra was the youngest of Liara T’Soni and Vincent Shepard’s children, and because she was their third and last kid, she was always considered the baby of the family.

Shepard’s return was accomplished by Cerberus in what manner?

After Commander Shepard was killed by a Collector in an attack that also resulted in the destruction of the SSV Normandy, Cerberus was able to recover Shepard’s corpse with the assistance of Liara T’Soni. Liara T’Soni was also instrumental in the destruction of the SSV Normandy.